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Guest house Borgognona Rooms also conquers its guests with bike rental. Rome in this way can be discovered and admired from a different angle through a means that allows us to relax and enjoy being outdoors. The facility is in the central Via Borgognona, a short distance from many locations of historical, cultural, scenic, and artistic interest. The possibility of using bicycles inside the guesthouse allows us to move around even more easily and reach even more distant destinations.

Rooming room with bike rental Rome center

Bike rental service is available for a fee and can be requested at the time of booking or during your stay at the property, directly at the front desk.
It is a plus appreciated by all kinds of guests because it allows them to have fun, exercise and discover the city at the same time.
A service that will win over adults and children, perfect for those traveling with the family.

Rooms with bike rental in Rome historic center

With bicycles we can admire even more hidden corners and reach enchanting locations but not always included in canonical tours.
All this is also thanks to Rome's bike paths:

  • Tiberina bike path: it is the longest bike path in Rome. It measures 30 km and connects the capital from the north to the south side, skirting the banks of the Tiber. On the way we will pass through Castel Giubileo, Agro Romano, Ponte di Mezzocammino, Ponte Milvio, Tiberina Island surroundings;
  • Bike path from Eur to Caracalla: we start from the ancient Aurelian Wall to connect to the route that leads to the Baths of Caracalla and the center;
  • Bike path from Villa Ada to Villa Borghese: a route that allows you to visit the city's two municipal parks, each with its own beauty: the Villa Reale for Villa Ada and the Italian garden, fountains and ponds for Villa Borghese. From Villa Borghese, the lake garden with the small temple of Aesculapius, the Bioparco, and the breathtaking view of the Pincio are not to be missed;
  • Appia Antica bike path: a low-traffic road that allows us to admire unique naturalistic views and ancient funerary monuments. It is the Roman road that connected Rome with Brundisium (Brindisi). It was considered by the Romans to be the regina viarum;
  • GRAB: the Grande Raccordo Anulare delle Biciclette (Great Ring Road of Bicycles) is a circular route that connects all of Rome's parks and bike paths: a 44-km route that starts from the Colosseum and meets the Appia Antica, the Caffarella Park, the Tor Fiscale Park, Villa De Sanctis, Villa Gordiani, Baden Powell Park, the Aniene Reserve, Villa Ada, Villa Borghese, the Ponte della Musica, the bike path on the Tiber, and the Imperial Forums.

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